Loved World Dishes for Travelers

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If you love to travel, you probably also love trying out new foods. After all, what’s sincerer than the love for food? You can’t hide it. And if the food is good, there shouldn’t be a reason to shy away to savor new dishes.

Discover the most irresistible dishes you may want to try the next time you visit Europe, Australia, and other countries.

Chicken and Cheese Salad / worldwide

Cheese salad served with chicken as the main dish has only been around since the last century. But it’s one of the best dishes ever. Popular locally in many US restaurants, in Europe and Asia, you should look forward to trying it out.

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Paneer Steak / India

So, you have plans to visit India? Have a go at the vegetarian dish served in almost every restaurant in the sub-continent. Paneer can be taken as a main dish or as an appetizer. It’s nutritious, tasty and can be dressed with a variety of salads for a better taste.

Masala Dosa / India

Before you leave India, try out the delicious mix of mashed potatoes with rice-butter and other condiments. Masala dosa is best taken in the morning alongside your coffee. But feel free to have the dish at any time.

Seafood Paella / Spain

Spain is one of the best places to tour in Europe. The country’s beaches are ever cool and sandy. Their dishes are yummy and you can visit a lot of historic places. One of the best dishes in Spain is the Seafood Paella dish. It consists of lobsters, cuttlefish, shrimp, rice, herbs and a variety of other condiments that make it spicy and lovely.

Chicken Parm / Australia

You haven’t toured the world until you visit Australia. But besides all the natural wonders in Aussie, consider taking the Chicken Parm dish you’ll find in local restaurants. The dish originated in Italy, but Aussies dress their chicken with melted parmesan, garlicky ketchup, and cheese to give it a superb taste.