Check Out Paris’s Incredible First Digital Art Museum

Paris’s first Digital Art Museum merges art and technology to create a wonderfully unique immersive experience.

The recently opened museum is in an old factory and is operated by Culturespaces. The space showcases the work of classic, established artists as well as those new to the trade. Instead of displaying pictures in frames, the museum delivers the art in immersive digital displays. They are calling the experience the “Workshop of Lights.”

Culturespaces president Bruno Monnier says: “People do not learn about culture as they did in the past. The practices are evolving and cultural offering must be in step with them. The marriage of art and digital technology is, in my opinion, the future of the dissemination of art among future generations.”

The museum has proved such a success that the group is already making plans to open more ‘Workshops of Light’ around the world.

Monnier said: “We are already thinking about another site in France. At the end of this year, we will open a similar digital art center in South Korea; it will be in a former bunker on the Pacific island of Jeju. We will open our first site in the US in 2019. Our know-how with this technique is unique and sought-after around the world now.”

Take an exciting glimpse at the innovative exhibition below: