Look To These Instagrams For The Best DIY Inspiration

Image via yumikohiguchi/Instagram

While some people find that DIY is second nature to them, others have a bit harder of a time self-motivating. Getting good at DIY is like any other hobby; you need to practice a lot and feel confident. If you a struggling to find that inner DIY-er inside of you and need that little extra push, follow these accounts and put yourself to the test!


This Instagram account is perfect for people who want to jump into the paper scene. They make amazingly beautiful wall art and other things with paper and provide step by step videos that help you see how truly easy DIY can be.


This account will give you ideas for simple projects that are very manageable, especially for newcomers to DIY.



This Instagram focuses on furniture DIY, decoration, and restoration. While some of the projects this Instagram does may seem too advanced, once you actually look through the pictures you can pick up many simple tricks like throwing on an unexpected paint color to something.



If you are looking to break into the world of needle pointing and want some inspiration, check out this account. The designs are so beautiful and pleasing to scroll through.