Lone Fox Will Teach You to Make Trendy Halloween Décor for Your Home

Drew Scott’s YouTube channel Lone Fox is one of our favorite sources of DIY inspiration. We can always count on him to teach us how to recreate the latest home décor trends from our Instagram feed, and that’s exactly what he did just in time for Halloween.

Lone Fox’s spooky new tutorial shows him creating DIY dropping candle holders, Halloween wreath, hanging ghost decorations, spider web candy holder, and a star-carved pumpkin. He mostly used items bought at Dollar Tree, but most of them can be found at any home décor store.


Black Halloween décor is extremely popular this year, and the majority of these items let you embrace this trend. If you’re not a huge fan of this color and want your Halloween décor to have a classic orange shade, you can simply skip using black spray paint.

DIY newbies will be especially impressed by Lone Fox’s tutorial for dropping candle holders since you only have to get a bit creative with hot glue to get it done. Hanging ghost decorations are also super-easy to recreate, and they’re perfect for everyone who enjoys cheerful décor and wants to stay away from spooky stuff this Halloween.