Lone Fox Will Teach You How to Make Trendy Ceramic Items with Clay

Uniquely shaped ceramic pieces will be all the rage in 2021, and the sooner you embrace this trend the better. The only catch? Many of them happen to be handmade and come with a pretty high price tag, and that’s exactly the inspiration you need to try making your own.

Drew Scott shared a useful tutorial on his YouTube channel Lone Fox, showing how to make trendy vases and candle holders with clay. They require a significant amount of time and patience if you’re a newbie, but they may inspire you to fall in love with ceramic art long-term.

We can always count on Scott to give us amazing DIY tutorials based on the latest home décor trends. While browsing Pinterest, he noticed the emergence of a very specific type of ceramic room décor and decided to give it a try.

“I love the handmade quality but since most of the pieces are handmade, the price is pretty high! Today, I wanted to share my own DIY versions that still have that minimal touch at a minimal price-point,” he explained in the YouTube description of this tutorial.

If you’re in the mood to play with clay and make something amazing, follow the instructions in this clip.