Letterboards Are Becoming a Home Décor Must Have

Photo by Emma Matthews Content Production on Unsplash

Letterboards are becoming an essential home décor piece thanks to their uniqueness and versatility. Each one comes with a set of letters you can easily slide into the grooves on the board to create different messages every day, and possibilities are pretty much endless.

Inspirational Quotes

We all need a bit of inspiration every day, but photos with motivational quotes get a bit boring after a while. Letterboards allow you to change them every day and pick the one that perfectly fits your mood at the time.


Amazing Photos

You can now find over 300,000 Instagram posts tagged with the phrase “letter board” – and for a good reason. They look great in photos, add some personal touch to your space and can help you make a statement.


Perfect Reminder

In addition to looking super-cute, letter boards can be extremely functional. Use them to leave reminders to yourself, make a shopping list or leave messages for your family members or roommates who are constantly missing your sticky notes.