Impress Your Guests With These Creative Napkin Folding Ideas

As social distancing restrictions are starting to change, dinner plans are coming to realization. Covering your dinner table with beautiful plates and decorations is a great way to impress your party guests, so why not start with napkins?

Napkins are something that everyone pays attention to, but choosing a beautiful design and folding it in half is not enough anymore. Get creative, find amazing videos online, and let your imagination roam.

There are so many clips you can use as inspiration to become a napkin folding master, so start now!

Use Aids

There are many techniques you can try, so here are a few that are cute and elegant. You can use many aids to assist you with your ideas.

Add a Bow

As gorgeous as these ideas are, you don’t have to be a napkin-folding pro to bring them to life. When holidays come, you can accessorize and add bows to everything.

Origami Master

Anyone can origami their way to a napkin masterpiece, no experience needed – or fancy supplies, for that matter. Learning this isn’t hard at all, just follow all the instructions and you will nail it on your first try.