Learn How to Make Your Own Decorative Geometric Terrarium

Photo by Marc Babin on Unsplash

If you want to give your room a retro feel, geometric terrariums are a must-have home décor item. Unfortunately, most of them don’t come cheap, but you can always try making your own.

One of the most popular DIY terrarium tutorials was shared by JENerationDIY, who’s followed by over 2.5 million DIY lovers on YouTube. Her clip was inspired by Magical Thinking Geo Terrarium from Urban Outfitters, which is currently out of stock.

Jennifer’s terrarium is a pretty good copy, but it utilizes much lighter and cheaper materials. For starter, instead of making a glass terrarium, she used a strong plastic sheet. She also used glue and plastic straws— preferably gold ones so you wouldn’t have to spray paint them.

Jennifer shared the measurements in her tutorial, showed us how to crack the pieces, and put them all together. She recommends using this DIY terrarium as decoration or organization container since it’s not the real thing. If you’re more advanced in DIY, you can replace plastic with glass and try to make it look more authentic.