5 Ways to Feel Like a Tourist in Your Own City

Photo by Joe Ciciarelli on Unsplash

If you’re feeling stuck because you can’t travel anywhere right now, keep in mind your city has a lot to offer and use these five tips to see it with new eyes.

Take New Pictures

Most people don’t take photos of tourist attractions in their own city because they’re used to their beauty, but now’s the best time to capture them in a new light.

Walking Tour

If your city offers free walking tours, you can always try joining one. You can also offer to host a walking tour to someone visiting your city—you’ll end up learning a bunch of new things both ways.

Go Inside

Are there any museums and buildings in your city that you always admired from a distance, but never had a chance to enter? Use the time you have on your hands to fully explore them.


Discover New Places

Even if you feel like you know your hometown like the palm of your hand, there are probably places that you’ve never checked out. Your city is constantly evolving, so take time to discover all the new things it has to offer.

Mini Road Trip

You shouldn’t stop at exploring the city’s downtown. Your local area probably has a lot to offer, so take a road trip to some of the nearby attractions that don’t get as much attention.