Korean Artist is Transforming Starbucks Cups into Amazing Works of Art

Most people throw their Starbucks cups away after getting their dose of caffeine energy in the morning, but not Soo Min Kim. This paper cup artist from South Korea is transforming his cups into something truly incredible.


Soo Min Kim has been doing this for years and he managed to attract over 186 thousand Instagram followers along the way. His creations explore the inner world of the Starbucks mermaid and show her going through countless everyday situations.

The Seoul-based artist gave us a closer look at this process over the years, but his approach to this unique art form changed significantly. He always starts with a simple unadorned cup and uses it to put the Siren into a new surrounding with nothing but a green marker.


The art on his incredible paper cups ranges from simple doodles to interactactive 3D cutouts that take hours to make. They are all amazing and unique in their own right and we wouldn’t complain if Starbucks started selling a limited-edition collection of cups based on his works.