Kick Off Your 2022 Travel Adventures With These Affordable Trips

Road trip
Photo by Amos Bar-Zeev on Unsplash

Money is usually tight at the beginning of the year for most of us because we already spent our travel budget on our winter holiday and don’t have any free vacation days to use up. That shouldn’t stop you from keeping your sense of adventure alive and here are three affordable and practical travel ideas that you should consider at the beginning of the year.


We’re all bored of hearing the word “workation” at this point, but there’s a reason why this travel concept become such a huge hit. If you have an opportunity to work remotely, embrace it fully in 2022, and mix business and pleasure during your next trip.


If you don’t have any vacation days at your disposal, traveling out of the country may not be an option, but you can still embark on local trips. Staycations come with a lower price tag than international travel, especially if you have friends and family members at the destination that you’re visiting, willing to offer you free accommodation.

Weekend Getaways

Until you collect enough vacation days for a longer trip, you can always hit the road on the weekend. Getting away for a day or two will keep your love for travel alive until you have enough time on your hands to take a real vacation.