Key Pieces for Skateboard-Inspired Fashion

A skater girl
Photo by lisboa ind. on Unsplash

Something that people who don’t skateboard don’t often know is that style is seriously important in skateboarding, both in how you execute your tricks and also when it comes to fashion. Maybe that’s why skateboard style has fully infiltrated mainstream society, with the sporty, effortlessly cool look that people covet. If you’re into it, here are some key items that will help you get the look.

Skate Shoes

You want to start building your skater girl wardrobe from the ground up—literally. Maybe the most important part of a skateboard wardrobe is the shoes. Lots of different companies make skateboarding shoes, but Vans are a classic choice.


Whether it’s a beanie, a bucket hat, or a baseball cap, a hat is a critical part of skater girl fashion.


Skate fashion is about comfort and there is no piece of clothing more comfy than the hoodie. Bonus skate points if you choose one with a skateboard company logo on it.

Loose Pants

When it comes to skate style, baggy and loose is the way to go. A pair of cargo pants or Dickies you can move around in will make you look like a full-on skater.