Kate Hudson Launched an Eco-Friendly Fashion Line

Kate Hudson can now call herself a designer and entrepreneur. After she co-founded the activewear brand Fabletics, Hudson has now unveiled her environmentally-friendly womenswear line, HappyxNature.

Hudson’s line is filled with summer pieces made of eco-friendly materials. Using sustainable materials in order to preserve the environment was the main goal in creating the line. The actress designed clothes that she personally would wear and that’s why she believes in her creations.

“Authenticity is so important to me because I’m not going to stand behind something if I myself won’t wear it”, Hudson said.

HappyxNature is a collection of beautiful summer pieces like off-the-shoulder polka-dot dress, jeans, floral jumpsuits and combinations of tops and skirts perfect for a music festival, says Hudson. Tops and jeans, for example, were made from recycled plastic bottles that were crushed and then turned into a fiber. They also use eco-friendly fabric tags and shipping bags made from bio-degradable materials.

“The fabrics we choose are a big part of our mission of striving to make a difference for this generation and generations to come.”

You might expect that eco-friendly clothes would cost a fortune, but the brand’s prices are actually pretty affordable.

Take a look at some of the creations.

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