Jessica Alba’s Morning Routine To Start The Day Feeling Fresh

Jessica Alba in 2021.
Photo by Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/Depositphotos

As a working mother of three, Jessica Alba needs plenty of energy and good morale to help her balance her work and family life. Fortunately, the actress and personal care specialist has developed a morning routine that helps her get her day off to the best possible start. Here’s what Alba does on a daily basis so that she can conquer her challenges for the day.

Starting Her Skincare

After waking up at 07:00 am, Alba makes sure to wash her face to help her wake up from her slumber. She scrubs her face with a foaming cream cleanser before applying a face mask full of superfruit antioxidants, shea butter, and vitamin E.

Meditation And A Cup Of Joe

Once her skincare routine is complete, Alba takes a couple of minutes to meditate and plan her day ahead. She then goes to the kitchen to brew a cup of coffee for a dose of extra energy.

Family Time

By the time Alba has enjoyed her fresh cup of coffee, her children normally come downstairs. At that point, the actress enjoys spending quality time with her kids and making them breakfast so that they too can enjoy a nutritious start to the day.