Jennifer Behr Will Make You See Bucket Hats in a New Light

Whether you love or hate bucket hats, you probably agree it’s pretty difficult to make them look stylish. The NYC-based jewelry brand Jennifer Behr managed to overcome this problem by adding pearls to the mix.

Jennifer Behr’s Mallorie bucket hat adds a twist to this ‘90s accessory in a surprisingly simple way. It’s crafted from lustrous satin and embellished by hand with Swarovski pearls. In addition to offering black and white bucket hats, Jennifer Behr also has several variations of pink in store.

If you can’t afford setting aside over $200 for Swarovski pearls-embellished hat, you can easily make your own. This model has incredible DIY potential, and you can copy it by sewing pearls on your favorite bucket hat.

Mallorie isn’t the only chic bucket hat that Jennifer Behr impressed us with— the Elaine bucket hat is equally stylish. It comes with its own veil, which will add an aura of mystery to your look, and you can pick between four different colors—black, white, hot pink, and lilac.