British Artist’s Ceramic Pieces are Inspired by Coral Reefs

If you’re constantly in awe of the beauty of colorful coral reefs, Lisa Stevens’ art will take your breath away. She’s a British artist who creates intricate ceramic pieces inspired by coral reefs and other natural elements.

Stevens goes by the name Lisa Seaurchin, and her Instagram page attracted over 35,000 followers over the years. She mostly focuses on crafting ceramics and sculptural jewelry, available for purchase at her Etsy store.

Stevens usually works with high-fired porcelain clay and doesn’t use stamps or molds to create intricate textures that her coral reefs creations are best known for. She uses a variety of small tools to create these patterns, and it’s a time-consuming and rewarding at the same time.

Stevens draws inspiration from nature, and most of her ceramic creations take a form of coral reefs, flowers, and lichen. She’s hoping her art will highlight the impact that humans have on the environment, and inspire people to make a small, but important change so coral reefs could remain as beautiful as she sees them.