J-Beauty: the Latest Trend in Skin Care

Photo by Melan Cholia on Unsplash

The newest kid on the skin-care block is J-beauty, a set of Japanese beauty practices that have been handed down through the generations. Like its food, Japanese skin care contains few ingredients that have been hand-crafted for simplicity and effectivity.


The first, very important step in a J-Beauty skincare regime is cleansing because a properly-cleansed skin is highly receptive to treatments that follow. The most important step in the routine is the use of an ‘essence’, a light formula that instantly plumps the skin and prepares it for treatments to follow.


The philosophy behind J-Beauty is having the best skin possible at any age. There is a reliance on daily care that includes polishing, purifying, and nourishing for luminous, baby-soft skin. J-Beauty is for everyone, no matter your skin type or skin care needs.

Japanese women take care to adapt their beauty regime to changing environments, seasons, and life stages. So, they might add a sheet mask or a serum, or change the level of moisturization they use at different times.


And if you’re wondering if there are any similarities between K-Beauty and J-Beauty, they both favor sheet masks, but J-beauty focuses more on ingredients than a design of the mask material.