Intricate Nail Art By Leanne Woodley

Leanne Woodley is a Brooklyn-based editorial manicurist whose nail art looks like miniature works of art. Woodley is one of the most promising names in the business and her collaborations with clients such as i-D Magazine, L’Officiel USA, and Vogue Taiwan can prove that.

The artist says she’s always been in love with nails, although her path to becoming an artist wasn’t that easy. “I’ve only recently become very comfortable with calling myself an artist”, Woodley admitted in an interview with The Creative Independent.

In 2013, Woodley moved to New York and started working as a stylist’s assistant. Everything changed when she met a well-known manicurist Bernadette Thompson, whose work inspired her to go to nail school. Today she can call herself a successful independent nail artist with a long list of loyal clients.

“What I do has a very emotional flow, and sometimes it feels out of body. There are highs when picking colors. There’s another high when you and your client both agree that this one thing is going to be amazing,” Woodley tried to describe her creative process.

“The process is different with each client. I need a client’s input because they have to have my art on their nails for the next three weeks.”

Take a look at her fantastic nail art in the photos below.