Great Ideas For a Unique Gift Topper

In case you don’t know, a gift topper is a decorative item you can put on top of a present after it’s wrapped. The most beautiful gift toppers are the ones you make yourself because they give a gift that special charm and personal touch. Here are a few great ideas for gift toppers.

Herbs and flowers

Adding greenery or seasonal flowers to a gift will instantly make it more special, particularly if the person you’re giving it to loves flowers and nature.


Sprucing up a present is as easy as finding a pinecone in your backyard. Combine it with a nice ribbon and tie around the gift to give it a nice rustic vibe.

Cinamon rolls

Using cinnamon rolls to decorate a present sound a bit silly, but it’s extremely effective. Not only is this a unique way to surprise a loved one, but it also smells great too!

Crepe paper toppers

Crepe paper is so easy to work with and very versatile – you can use it to make these simple round toppers or other decorative items you like, such as flowers.