Instagram Posts That Will Help You Amp Up Your IKEA Furniture

Whether you love it or not, you have to agree that IKEA is super popular and that there’s definitely a reason for that. Their furniture is usually cheap and easy to assemble and it features a modern design that makes it irresistible.

Some of the pieces you can find at IKEA are so versatile that they’re simply inviting you to do something different with them and turn them into unique staples that nobody else has. Here are some of the best posts we found on Instagram that will inspire you to do your own #ikeahacks.

Using spray paint, turn a common white table into a fashionable staple piece for your living room.

Create this gorgeous mirror cube using two boxes of LOTS mirrors, 24 corner brace, super glue, and freezer tape.

IKEA deck tiles are perfect for making a bathroom mat.

An ordinary Kallax shelf can become so much more in just a few easy steps.

Create a modern-looking terrarium using a Borrby lantern.