Incredible Egg Painting Techniques From All Around Europe

Photo by Bee Felten-Leidel on Unsplash

Egg painting is one of those Easter traditions that allow you to get extra-creative, and some European nations are taking this task extremely seriously. Take a look at the most complex egg painting techniques that will forever change the way you look at this tradition.

Wax Resist-Dyeing – Hungary

Hungarians enjoy transforming their eggs into literal works of art by using hot wax to create intricate patterns that resemble traditional embroidery.

Blood Red Eggs – Greece

Eggs in deep, rich red color are the most vibrant symbol of the Easter season in Greece. This blood red shade is achieved with a natural dye made of onion skins and vinegar, but commercial dies in the same shade are also available for purchase.

Pysanky Eggs – Ukraine

Ukrainian Pysanky technique is pretty similar to the one used in Hungary, because it also employs wax in the creation of complex folk art patterns.

Wire Eggs – Czech Republic

Most popular technique from the Czech Republic has nothing to do with painting, but it still requires a lot of skill. Their traditional wire eggs are made by weaving thin nets around empty egg shells.

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