If You’re Going to Use a Nespresso Machine, Get the Reusable Pods!

Nespresso machines are a great way to get awesome tasting coffee at home without having to spend a lot of money on a cup of coffee out. However, if you’re buying those single-use pods all the time, you’re having a negative impact on the environment. This is because they’re made from plastic and they cannot be reused.

Instead, opt for the reusable pods so you can enjoy your coffee in a greener way.

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The idea of Nespresso is that you make one coffee at a time, which is convenient, but also wasteful. When you make regular coffee with an espresso maker or even a drip coffee machine, you’re using one filter to make a large amount of coffee, which is pretty sustainable. So, to get close to that, just buy reusable pods for your Nespresso machine and fill them with your favorite coffees!

You can find lots of reusable alternatives, most with stainless steel so you can reuse the pod as much as you want. Even though it might be an investment at first, it’s really worth it when you think of how many pods you’re going to be saving yourself from buying. So drink your coffee, but do it more sustainably.