If You Don’t Own a Bath Robe Yet, You Will After Reading This

Image via Samantha Passuello/Stocksnap

Bathrobes or dressing robes have been worn throughout history since at least the 18th century. Nowadays robes come in more shapes, styles, and fabrics than ever before. They are an elegant way to start or end your day, and should absolutely be owned by everyone. If you don’t own a robe or are looking to get a new one, here is the ultimate robe guide.


This bathrobe is really best for after a shower. The towel like material is good to where if you’re hair or body is still wet, although they can often be heavier than other types of robes. If you get cold after showers, this is definitely the robe for you.



Owning a silk robe is one of the most luxurious things you can do for yourself. The soft silk is perfect after a long day of work and will definitely become your go-to outfit for relaxation.


Duster robes are super old school 50’s style robes. They are normally short sleeved and are made out of lightweight fabric. Although they are probably the oldest most classic robe still worn today, they are really good for hot summers when you still want to stay in your pajamas all day.