If You Don’t Have Time to Go Full-On Konmari, Here are Some Good Place to Start

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

At this point, almost everyone knows Marie Kondo from the hit show Tidying Up. If you’ve watched it and then looked around your own home and thought, why couldn’t I have been on the show, you’re in luck! There are still easy ways to get your house closer to what Marie would want.

Sentimental Items

Everyone has their own sentimental items, and Marie never judges other people for what is dear to them. But, the important thing is how you store and display them. If you have things like multiples of one picture or items that are not so important to your family, make the choice to give them away.



This is always a tough one, but it’s really necessary when you want to start to declutter. The Konmari way of folding is really helpful because then you start to see all the clothes you have in your drawers, which will help you organize and better use your clothes. But, try to go through at least part of your wardrobe and see what ‘sparks’ joy and what no longer does.

Family Participation

The best way to keep up an organized house is to make sure that everyone knows how to participate. Whether that’s your children or your roommates, getting everyone involved is key.