A Word From The Costume Designer Behind Captain Marvel’s Killer Look

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. Photo by C Zlotnick/Disney/Marvel/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock (10148157ah)

Superhero films have been unstoppable in the last decade and Captain Marvel is already one of the highest-grossing movies of 2019 so far. Brie Larson was fantastic as the eponymous superhero but costume designer Sanjo Milkovic Hays is one of the unsung heroes of the film’s success.

Speaking with Vogue, Hays shared her pride in being part of the female-led project. She also explained her process when creating Captain Marvel’s iconic costume.

“Her suit is strong and super-heroic, but still very feminine,” explains Hays. “It was a conscious decision to not just make her a gorgeous, beautiful thing but instead make her costume part of her attitude. She’s a girl with an attitude and rightfully so; she has nothing to prove. It’s a very modern concept for a female superhero. Hopefully a lot of young women can relate to that.”

Creating a piece fit for Marvel’s first female superhero was one challenge, but fitting Brie Larson was another unexpected struggle.

“She was working out like crazy – I’m so in awe of her,” Hays said. “Her body was changing, as expected, so she was coming in repeatedly for fittings. Over the course of working out she was finding out more and more what her action scenes were going to be, and so we were making sure what we were doing would allow her to do certain things.”

Captain Marvel is in cinemas now.