How to Wear Makeup on the Beach – and Should You, Anyway?

Photo by Hrvoje Grubisic on Unsplash

Though it’s a common opinion that you shouldn’t wear any makeup when going to the beach, many girls still like to apply a few products that make them feel more beautiful and confident.

Beach-appropriate makeup exists and if you want to use it, just go for it. Here are some rules to follow so it stays a pleasant experience for the whole day.

First things first – never go out without sunscreen. This is especially important for beach days when you will be exposed to the sunlight most of the day. Use the biggest factor you can find (50 or bigger) and make sure you’re using a product designed for the face, not the whole body.

Even if you always use it, now it’s time to skip the foundation. A little bit of concealer can go a long way in helping you even out skin.

Translucent powder can help you look fresh, so have one in your purse at all times. You can reapply it several times a day while on the beach.

Feel free to use your favorite brow pen or gel, just check if it needs to be reapplied throughout the day. Finish the look with waterproof mascara.

Besides foundation, you should also skip the bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick. Go with an SPF lip balm instead, and it can be tinted if you want.