Fabulous Home Lighting Trends For 2018

Photo by yann maignan on Unsplash

Lighting is a very important part of every single interior. These days there are so many trendy designs that you can choose to elevate your space. Check out the biggest home lighting trends for 2018 below.

Do The Fringe

You can never go wrong with fringe. This year, the lighting trends are all about statement chandeliers and lamps that will really upgrade your space. The best way to go is to add some color without being afraid that it’s too much.

All The Luxury

Luxury chandeliers are once again on trend. The bigger, the better. If this type of lighting fits in your home decor theme, don’t hesitate before getting one. The best thing about luxury pieces is that they are timeless.


Round And Metallic

Round and metallic bulbs are one of the biggest lighting trends for 2018. You can opt for silver, gold, bronze or the fanciest one of them all- rose gold. There are many floor lamps with a similar design such as this one, that will bring fresh vibes to your rooms.

Geometric Vibes

Geometric, industrial lighting pieces are so cool. Instagram and Pinterest announced this trend at the beginning of the year, so now it’s time for you to snatch one during sales. They fit perfectly in every single room of the house.