How to Turn Your Kitchen into a French Bistro!

If you’ve ever been to a French bistro or bistro-style cafe, you’ve probably been charmed by the cozy tables or simple, but sophisticated plates. Luckily, you can bring that bistro feeling into your own kitchen, with just a few simple tips.

Wine Bottles

One thing that bistros are famous for is serving water in reused wine bottles. This is not only good for the environment because you are upcycling something, but it also saves you money on buying pitchers for water! All you have to do is whenever you finish a bottle of wine, wash it out with soap, peel the label off by soaking it overnight in water, and then fill them with cold water and place them on your table.


There are some dishes that are classic to bistros, like plain water glasses and plates, but they’re so simple that it works. You don’t need anything fancy when you’re trying to get that bistro feel, just something that is uniform and relaxed.


One thing that really does make all the difference are woven chairs, which are a staple used in French bistros. They can come in many colors, so get creative, the choice is yours.