How to Transition Your Home Decor Into Winter

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Winter is quickly approaching, and with it comes a lot of change. While you’re swapping out your t-shirts for sweaters, why not do the same for your home? It is super easy to change your home decor to match the season, and it will make you feel so much happier to come home to a newly decorated space. Here are some easy tips that will make the transition from fall to winter simple.


Candles are the number one way to bring a room to life, especially in the colder months. Not only do they give off a light when the days get shorted, but they also set a cozy ambiance to any room. You can choose non-scented candles just for the look of them or a scented type if you want your room to give off a scent of the season.

Throw Blankets

As the days get colder, you and your friends and family will want to stay warm when you’re inside. An easy way to do that is to put out some throw blankets on your couch or loveseat. You can keep extra blankets in a little basket to keep with the theme and to keep more people warm.