Bad Housekeeping Habits You Need to Quit Right Now

If clutter is a normal part of your life, you may be doing something wrong. It’s easy to lose control over the space and even easier to procrastinate your way to mess that seems impossible to deal with. Before you lose your mind over it, check if you have some of these bad housekeeping habits that do you more harm than good.

Junk Drawer

We all have things that simply don’t belong to any category, but stuffing your designated “junk drawer” will lead to mess in no time.

Cooking Mess

It might be a pain, but if you clean up after yourself as you cook, you’ll easily avoid the pile of dishes when you’re done.

Not Sorting Mail

Sorting mail at the moment it comes in will make your life easier in the long run. Make sure to store important documents in a safe place and discard anything you don’t need.

Clothes on Chair

We all do this – day after day, clothes that are not clean enough to go back in the closet but not dirty enough to go to laundry end up on a chair, and the pile keeps getting bigger. Sort your clothes as soon as you take them off and forget about the chair habit.