How to Take the Perfect Instagram Photo

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Instagram has been around for eight years and, during that time, it became a unique platform for sharing photos and videos. Today, it comes with its own set of ‘rules’ that are not always clear to those who don’t have experience in taking perfect Instagram photos. Here are a few helpful tips so you can get better at this.

Pick a Theme for Your Profile

You don’t have to stick to only one theme but think about your interests and things you’d want to have on your profile – is it books, makeup, nature, interior, food, travel etc.

Keyword: Flat Lay

The Instagram community loves ‘flat lay’ photos – photos you take from above. The composition is crucial here.

Don’t Use Instagram’s Camera

The camera within the app is far worse than the original camera on your phone, so keep that in mind.

Editing Apps

If you’re frustrated that Instagram filters aren’t giving you the effect you want, it’s time to try some other editing apps. The most popular are Adobe Lightroom CC, VSCO Cam, and Snapseed.