How to Style a Beret Like a Pro

Photo by Tyler Richardson on Unsplash

The beret is one of those timeless accessories every woman should have because they’re beautiful, elegant, and can take literally every outfit to the next level. Berets have been particularly popular in the last couple of years, so here are a few cool ways to style and wear them every day.

Add Color

Wearing a colorful beret is a creative way to add a pop of color to your monochrome outfit. For example, this all-black outfit looks better with a chic red beret that is now the focus of this trendy look.


A classic black beret is a safe choice for when you don’t have the time to plan your outfit. It’s romantic, elegant and looks good with anything.

Monochrome Look

Get inspired by the popular Netflix TV show The Queen’s Gambit and this Elizabeth Harmon iconic outfit. Recreate this beautiful monochrome look by pairing your beret, coat, and gloves.

Modern Outfit

In case your usual beret seems a bit boring and ordinary, try to take your outfits to the next level by getting one of these faux leather or neon berets. They’ll bring a modern vibe to your basic outfits and make you feel cool.