Easy DIY Projects for Unique Shelves

Photo by Luisa Brimble on Unsplash

One can never have enough shelves in the house. We need them for storing books, plants, photos and all those precious items we want to put on display. That’s why we found a few ideas on how to repurpose old things you don’t need anymore, and turn them into shelves.

Suitcase Shelf

In case you have an old suitcase lying around your home, don’t throw it away just yet. In only a few simple steps, this beautiful vintage suitcase can be turned into a useful shelf that would be perfect for storing all those precious travel souvenirs.

Guitar Shelf

A broken guitar that is no longer used can also be transformed into a creative and useful shelf that would be a beautiful wall decoration for every room in your home.

Drawer Shelf

Have no use for an old drawer? Before you throw it away, try to repurpose it by decorating it with wallpaper and some paint.

Crate Shelves

Creating shelves from old crates has become very popular and you’ve probably already stumbled upon this creative DIY project on Pinterest or Instagram. Find or buy wooden creates, screw them together and make this unique shelf that’s perfect for storing kid’s toys, books, CD’s and many other things.