How to Start Your Own Virtual Book Club While Social Distancing

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Book clubs are flourishing in online space right now since we all have more time for reading in quarantine. If you’re struggling to find one that suits your interests, starting one with your friends and family is also an option, and these are the most important steps to take.

Find Your Tribe

If you’re thinking of starting a book club with people you already know, keep in mind not everyone will be interested in the idea. They might, however, know someone who’s a fellow book lover and enjoys great discussions, so it’s good to consider opening your book club to new people.

Accessible Pick

It’s really important to pick a book club read that all the members are interested in, but that’s not the only trait the book you pick should possess. With so many libraries closed down, you should go with the book that all the members already have, can easily order online or buy in digital format if they prefer it.

Great Discussion

No book club works without a great discussion, but it can be more difficult to pull one off in a virtual space. Avoid technical difficulties by agreeing upon the app you’re going to use, having a test call before the actual discussion, and having a good system in place so you wouldn’t be talking over each other.