Here’s What You Should Know Before Hiring a Cleaner for the First Time

Image by thesunrisedrycleaners/Instagram

Hiring someone to help you with seasonal cleaning or keeping your home tidy on a weekly basis is not a taboo anymore. There are many agencies that offer cleaning services for a reasonable fee for anyone who’s tired of doing the chores alone. Here’s what you should do before hiring a house cleaner for the first time.

Should You Tip?

You’re absolutely not required to tip your cleaner, but if you’re feeling grateful or want to show appreciation for the work done by tipping, a range of 10-20 percent is appropriate.

Tidy Up

This really depends on the type of the arrangement, but if you’re hiring someone for a few hours once a week, you want them to be able to use that time effectively. This means you should tidy up before they come so they can start cleaning immediately.

However, you shouldn’t worry about the cleaner seeing your mess—that’s why you called them in the first place!

Mention Your Pets

Make the agency know if you have pets as some cleaners may be allergic. Typically, nobody (unless allergic) should have any problem with your pets present during the cleaning, as long as they’re well behaved.