How to Reep the Benefits of “Foam-rolling” in the New Year

2019 is finally upon us and while some of you might be living it up at the gym or evening yoga classes, some of us haven’t quite managed to find the time yet to squeeze in a bit of exercise and self-care.

Whichever category you fall into, foam-rolling is a fantastic way to stretch your muscles in a way which massages them in under ten minutes at home.

Maya Jocelyn from Brooklyn’s holistic health and arts centre says: “It’s extremely efficient in that you can use your body weight to create pressure and give yourself a substantial massage, accessing parts of your body that you can’t reach with your hands,” she says. “You can address your entire body in 10 minutes.”

If you’re new to the trend, Jocelyn recommends a softer roller. When rolling, be sure to hit the balance between intensity and relaxation.

“There’s a zone where pain and pleasure overlap,” explains Jocelyn. “You should apply enough pressure that you feel some intensity, but it feels so good you never want it to end. This usually means that you’re fully relaxing into the stretch.”

To find out more about the trend, read Maya Jocelyn’s full talk with Vogue here.

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Happy Friday #alignedtribe 🌈 Today I’m sharing my healing lung cleaning and stress clearing technique called: THE FLAT BELLY BREATHE ✌🏻 This is a powerful tool to help reboot your metabolism, improve your digestion, flatten and strengthen your belly. Plus it helps clear emotional energy in the guts to reconnect to your deepest gut instincts again and even regulate appetite. 🔑 Other benefits? This technique helps rid your body of stagnant CO2 and toxins. Your body releases 70% of its toxins and even fat which gets converted to C02 through breathing, so when you breathe deeply you're helping your body detoxify more efficiently ♻️ This is a pillar of my work and I’ve been using for years with clients and myself….it’s woven through all of my sequences. How to do it? 🔈Turn up your volume so you can hear my breathing and follow along. 🔈 Steps: Inhale slowly to fill up the lungs for six counts, and think about expanding the lungs three-dimensionally opening up the ribs. Exhale through the mouth for a count of eight (like your steaming up a window). Think about closing off the ribs to flush the stagnant CO2 and toxic air. Think of really connecting to your laughing and coughing muscles to activate your Transverse Abdominus or TVA Repeat 10-20xs and feel a renewed sense of energy, clarity and strength! For extra benefit do this by a plant 🌱☀️ Cozy outfit @aloyoga 💫💗

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