How To Protect Your Hair This Winter

Flowing hair
Photo by Curology on Unsplash

Wet and cold winters can wreak havoc on your hair, as you move from the freezing outdoors into overly heated, dry buildings. Frizz, split ends and overall dryness can all worsen during the cold months. If you’re hoping to keep your strands in tip-top condition, check out these essential tips on maintaining hair health throughout all seasons.

Find An Oil For You

If your hair is incredibly fine, an oil may be too heavy and rich, but for most hair types a lightweight hair oil can lock in moisture and prevent dryness and split ends. Apply about a teaspoon of oil to your damp hair by running it through from root to tip. If you’re concerned about lingering greasiness, run a comb or brush through once you’ve applied the oil.

Take Supplements

Supplements can really help you in the battle against dry, frizz prone hair. Try zinc, omega 3, vitamin A or collagen supplements, as all of these nutrients can lend considerable shine to your strands (as well as providing you with an immunity boost against coughs and colds).

Avoid Hot Water

It’s very tempting to crank up the shower as hot as it will go and stand under it on wintry mornings, but this can cause damage to your hair and skin. Try and keep the shower as cool as you can bare it and rinse out any conditioner with cold water if possible.

Winter doesn’t have to mean dry, frizzy hair. Follow these tips and see the difference they can make to your strands.