How To Practice Mindfulness In 2020

Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash

Mindfulness as a practice has been growing in popularity over the recent years. If you are struggling to commit to your mindfulness routine, keep these suggestions in mind.

Set Your Intentions

Start by thinking about the reasons you want to practice mindfulness. Be honest with yourself and reflect on the feelings that have drawn you to the exercise. Is it to help you sleep better or is it to help you find your calm during the busy day? Focus on these reasons and set them as positive intentions.

Be Patient With Yourself

Committing to a new habit is hard. If you struggle to stick to your mindfulness schedule, do not beat yourself up about it. This is your time and mindfulness should be practiced without pressure.

Do It Your Way

If you struggle to sit completely still in a dark room, then don’t. You can practice mindfulness in any way that suits you. If you prefer to find your zen during a calm walk through the forest, then do that instead. There’s no right way to be mindful.

Find Joy In Mindfulness

Mindfulness should not be a chore. Even if you are fixated on making it a habit, do not see it as something you “have to do”. Find joy in it. This is your time.