How To Make Non-Toxic Natural Detergent

The detergents we buy in the store can often contain a lot of ingredients that are harmful to the health. These days, a lot of people are allergic to the store-bought detergents and are looking for a good substitute. This non-toxic DIY natural detergent is your solution to the problems.


This natural detergent will definitely be worth your time. The first thing you’ll need is 6 cups of washing soda. Grab three bars of your favorite non-toxic soap, 4.5-5 oz per bar. The best one is made with coconut oil, and make sure that you grate it. One of the optional ingredients is lemon essential oil, which is both beneficial and smells amazing. Some of the other items that you might want to add are oxygen bleach without additives, non-GMO white vinegar and more.


Place both the grated soap and the washing soda in the food processor. The next step is to mix and blend until you get a mixture in fine powder, like a detergent. if you want to add any of the other ingredients, you do that after the powder is done. For the lemon essential oil, it is recommended to keep it near your washed and add 5 drops each time you do the laundry.