How to Make a Punch Rug

This has been a big year for trying out new DIY projects as we all stay at home distancing from one another. One of the more popular crafts that have emerged as a trend this year is making DIY punch rugs, which is affordable, leaves room for a ton of creativity, and isn’t all that hard to do.

All you need is the following supplies:

  • Punch rug needle
  • Yarn
  • Frame
  • Monk’s cloth


  • Cut a piece of cloth to the size of rug you want to make. For your first few projects, it’s a good idea to keep it small.
  • Stretch the cloth over a frame or using an embroidery hoop if you can find one in the right size.
  • Sketch out your rug design on your monk’s cloth. Here, you can get as simple or complicated as you like. Really use your creativity!
  • Thread your first yarn color through your punch rug needle
  • Punch the yarn through your rug over and over, bringing your design to life
  • Switch colors as you need to until your design is complete
  • If you want to keep your rug as durable as possible, you can paint over the back of it with rug glue and/or sew a piece of fabric over it.