How To Make A Pill Bottle Survival Kit That Might Save Your Life One Day


Forget the fact that a measly pill bottle of all things may make the difference between life or death while you’re stranded out in the wilderness amongst the wolves and bears. Okay, granted: it’s not the pill bottle that’ll make the difference. It’s what you can put in it that matters!

But What Can You Possibly Put In A Pill Bottle That Might Save Your Life, You Ask? Read On…

Here’s the first thing you’ll need, so take some notes. You never know when you’ll be in a crashing plane next, landing on a deserted island:

Get One Of Those Little Pen Lights! It’s A Necessity.

Smart, right? The awesomeness that is the pen light — for one thing, you can actually fit the thing into that pill bottle. Great for shedding some light in the darkness. And perhaps scaring off the hyena or vulture wanting to chew your foot off.

And If That’s Not Enough, Include A Few Matches

But not just the matches… You know those matchboxes with the strike strip? Cut that strip out, place it inside the bottle. Instant fire-maker. You can now cook that dead hyena or vulture and eat it for breakfast.

For Dessert, Packing One Of Those Little Hard Candies Goes A Long Way

Believe it or not, but your blood sugar levels will make a difference out in the wild. Make sure they stay up. A hard candy makes a lot of difference, giving you that burst of energy you might need as you digest the wildlife in your tummy.

And Lastly, Don’t Forget to Pack… Paper. And A Safety Pin.

Hear me out on this one before you think I’ve gone mad with hysteria.

First off, pack a few bandages. Bing! Who knew, right? Talk about essential. Next, it wouldn’t hurt to pack quite a few of those little antibacterial wipes, saving you from infection out in a prehistoric jungle littered with the plague. Makes sense. Also, pack aluminum foil. Why? You never know when you need to repair an electrical circuit on a radio…

But a safety pin? What good would that do? It’s simple. Need to make a tent? That safety pin will save you. Or how about fastening a bandage? Bingo. And don’t forget about the fact that you might suffer a real nasty splinter, or gravel in a wicked wound. That sterilized safety pin just might save your life.


Fit All Of That Into Your Pill Bottle Survival Kit, And Rest Assured…

You stand a really good chance of staying alive. And the darn thing will fit in your pocket.

Now if only you could bring a hatchet and fit that into a pill bottle…