How to look Elegant with Fake Nail Extensions

Photo by Tiko Giorgadze on Unsplash

If you’ve been thinking about getting fake nails, we are here to help. False nails are not created equal. Learn how to pick the right extensions and add style to your natural nails.

Nail Types

Fake nails are classified into three main types: gel, dip and acrylic nails. Gel nails are made using the same technology as polish gels. They are tough and have a longer lifespan than the other two types.

Dip nails are created using a chemical process that includes glue and an activator. They are easy to apply but have a short lifespan. Acrylic nails are made using powder and liquid mixtures. On the downsides, acrylics get stained easily. Fiberglass can also be used to make extensions but it’s a less popular option.


Most nail extensions are attached with glue or added at a beauty parlor. At home, sanitize your hands and disinfect your nail brush. Remove pre-existing nail polish and trim the edges of your natural nails.

Pick the Right Size

After deciding which nail type to apply, pick the right size. The extensions can look really bad if they don’t match you. Trim the nails’ curves if they are slightly wider but ensure they fit your fingers appropriately.


If your extensions are attached using glue, apply glue to the edge of the hollow part. Ensure you are using pressure to eliminate air bubbles. Place the extensions gently on your nails and leave them for half an hour. Make sure not to touch the glue as it is highly sticky.

Once healed, trim the nails with scissors until they are at your desired sizes. Use a buffer to file the edges. Apply nail polish on your natural nails plus the extensions.