How to Get Rid of Those Under-Eye Bags

Photo by Noelle Otto from Pexels

Under-eye puffiness can be caused by different things such as an unhealthy diet and eating salty food, sleep issues, dehydration, etc. The good news is that you can solve this problem with a few simple tricks and home remedies. These are easy hacks you can use to fight under-eye bags.

Cold compresses

Applying cold compresses to the area for only a few minutes will reduce blood flow and eliminate dark circles and swelling. You can use some home remedies such as a chilled teaspoon, cool cucumber or frozen bag of vegetables.

Tea Bags

Applying chilled tea bags to your under-eye area is another well-known remedy for reducing swelling and puffiness. Green tea is probably the best option because it’s known for its anti-inflammatory effects, but you can also use caffeinated tea bags to fight dark circles and bags.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration can be one of the contributors to under-eye bags, which means drinking plenty of water will help you combat this problem. If you’re not a big fan of water, drinking other fluids such as tea is also a possibility.


You’ve probably seen numerous eye creams with caffeine for reducing under-eye puffiness and they’re great for eliminating swelling under the eyes. When applied to the skin, caffeine constricts blood vessels and it soothes the skin.