How to Fall in Love With Knitting

Photo by Les Triconautes on Unsplash

Knitting is one of those hobbies that many people are curious about. Maybe you learned as a child and stopped or maybe it’s something you have always wanted to try. Knitting is very therapeutic and it’s very soothing to be able to create something with your hands. You don’t have to be crafty and you don’t have to be afraid to start. Just pick up the needles and start.


Do not start knitting a scarf as one of your first pieces as it takes so long to finish and it will make you give up quickly. Instead, once you have mastered the basics of knitting try making a hat. This is far less time-consuming and your mistakes are less obvious. They are a little more complicated but you will learn as you go.

Don’t choose a project that will take a while to finish, give yourself a deadline to complete your first piece, maybe a birthday coming up or a trip you are taking.

The best place to buy your yarn is at a small local yarn store, where they will be able to help first-time knitters and advise you what to buy.

Buy yarn that is medium weight and read the labels to see what size needles to buy. Bamboo is great for first-timers as it stops the yarn from slipping and there’s less chance to drop the stitches.