How to Dye your Hair Platinum Blonde the Right Way

Photo by Sarah Diniz Outeiro on Unsplash

Ever wanted to dye your hair platinum blonde? Go for it. The glam, white-blonde color works with almost every outfit. It commands attention on the streets and makes you look confident and stylish.

But before you starting applying bleach, here are tips to help you do it right.

Do a test Bleach

Different hair bleaching chemicals produce different results. Pull some hairs from your brush and apply your dye. Do you like the result? If the bleach doesn’t produce the hue you were expecting, don’t use it.


Buy legitimate products from a trusted retailer. Keep in mind there are different variations of platinum blonde. Clarify to your retailer which one you are after. When ready to bleach, wash your hair and remove any pre-existing color. Apply some oil and start the bleaching. Protect yourself:

  • Wear Gloves
  • Put on protective goggles
  • Wear a towel to protect your clothing
  • Apply Vaseline to protect your skin

Be Realistic

Since platinum blonde colors vary, don’t expect yours to look exactly like someone else’s. Dyeing produces results according to the type of natural hair you have. If your hair is coarse, chances are you may not get the same variation as a soft-haired person.

Prepare for Maintenance

To maintain the icy-blonde looks; be prepared for regular touchups. Visit your colorist regularly for softening. If you are a DIY-person, be certain you have the right moisturizers. You’ll also need keratin protein to strengthen your hair strands. Lastly, use a conditioner regularly.