How To Deal With Long Flights Like a Pro

If you’ve ever been on a 7, 10, 14-hour flight, you know that at some point you would do anything to make the time go by faster. Sometimes a long flight cannot be avoided, but there are some things you can do to make it more pleasant. Follow these tips and you won’t be begging the flight attendants to get off the plane so quickly.

Keep Hydrated

Although water doesn’t solve anything, it can really help a lot when you’re traveling. With the altitude change, your body will get dehydrated more easily. By drinking water, you will be more resistant to nausea which often happens on a plane and with jet lag.

Keep Busy

There is only so much TV or movies you can watch on a plane before your eyes start to hurt. Instead, bring some work you have to do on the plane and get it done before you start your vacation. Alternatively, if you don’t have work, bring a few books or even letters to write to friends and family.

Bring Your Own Pillow

Getting as much sleep as you can on a long flight is crucial. The pillows provided on the planes are never that comfortable, so bring your own to ensure a good rest.