How to Cope with the Cancellation of Important Life Events

Photo by Shardayyy Photography on Unsplash

Many people had their weddings, birthday parties, and summer holidays put on hold in the face of the global pandemic. If you’re not sure how to deal with the cancellation of important events you were looking forward to this year, try one of these useful techniques.

Acknowledge Your Grief

Most people will tell you to focus on the positive and just carry on, but there’s nothing wrong about feeling bad at times like this. Instead of avoiding negative emotions, acknowledge your grief and disappointment, so you could learn to cope with them, and eventually let them go.

Talk It Through

Everyone is dealing with loss one way or another, so feel free to open up to people who care about you. Talking may feel difficult at first, but it will help you work through your negative emotions and come to terms with the current situation.

Do Something Fun

It’s highly unlikely you’ll completely erase important dates from your memory. Things may not be going according to plan, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing something amazing. Distract yourself by filling these days with fun activities you enjoy and surrounding yourself with people you love – even if it’s only through video chat.