How to Clean your Designer Handbag

If you are lucky to own a designer handbag, you know that after spending all that money you will want to keep it clean and protected. Taking care of leather can be hard, and when you really care about an item there is more at stake. So how do you clean your leather handbag without ruining it?

First, you should protect the leather with a protection cream/treatment as soon as you buy it, and apply it once every two months. This can prevent staining and grease. If you buy a light-colored bag don’t wear it with dark clothes as the color could transfer to your bag.

It is important to regularly clean the bag with a quick wipe down. A damp cloth is enough but you could also invest in specialist cleaning products every two-three months to keep them in top condition. You will need to use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth.

Do not use baby wipes or vinegar, they all have chemicals and substances in them that can damage the color. They also can dry the leather out and create a build-up of stains on the leather.

If you get an ink mark on your bag make sure to treat it straight away. Take it to someone professional or purchase a special ink removing product for leather.

When you do purchase products make sure you use the right product for the correct material it has been designed for. If you have suede or nubuck, then buy specific cleaners for those materials.