How to Avoid Pricey Baggage Fees On Your Next Flight

Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

Flying has many benefits when compared to other modes of transportation, but affordability isn’t one of them. Tickets can be pretty expensive, especially once you pay extra for pricey baggage fees – unless you find a way to avoid them.

Airline Company

Budget airlines offer extremely affordable tickets, but baggage fees are almost never included. You’ll have to pay extra if you want to bring more than a carry-on, so make sure to check the prices of other companies with no hidden costs, because some of them may suit you better.

Checking Guidelines

Even after you’ve agreed to pay extra to bring your luggage along, it’s still possible for airline companies to charge you extra for oversized and overweight luggage. Check the company’s guidelines before flying with them, and make sure your suitcase follows all the rules.

Packing Light

If you’re embarking on a short trip, try avoiding extra baggage fees by packing light. Try to fit everything you need inside a carry-on and think outside of the box. You can buy things that are not essential once you reach the destination country and do your laundry on the road.