How Many Bras Should You Own?

If your underwear drawer is full of bras and you are wondering how many bras should you really own — this is the guide for you!

It Depends on Your Style

If you’re someone who works in a business environment every day and wears the same type of top on a daily basis, you don’t need every type of bra for your lifestyle. But if you work from home or have a job with a flexible dress code, you might be wearing lots of different styles of shirts that will require more bras.

Number of Bras

Most people say you need about 3 bras for each style of clothes you wear the most. If you’re someone who goes to a lot of fancy events, you might need 3 bras for different styles of dresses, while if you never go to fancy events, you might need 1 or none.


The most important thing is to buy bras that fit you properly. Go to a lingerie or department store and actually get measured by a professional before you go bra crazy. If you buy a bra that is too loose or too tight, you can make your boobs hurt by not being supported correctly. You can also cut off circulation, which is bad for breast health.